P.A.I.D. Program

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The P.A.I.D. (Provide Aid in Dollars) Program is a voluntary assistance program through which City of Garland utility customers can make contributions to help economically challenged families pay for their City of Garland utility services. 

The Salvation Army of Garland qualifies these families and determines distribution of funds on a case by case basis.  Families seeking assistance should apply directly to the Salvation Army of Garland at 451 W. Ave. D, or call 972-272-4531 during regular business hours.

To become one of our exclusive P.A.I.D. Program contributors, we suggest that you round your monthly utility payment up to the nearest whole dollar.  If you wish to donate more, you can write in the amount.  Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. 

To make your contribution, look for this block on your utility bill payment stub:

paid contribution

All contributions are tax deductible. For income tax purposes, statements are automatically mailed in January to customers who contribute $20 or more. Statements are available on request to customers who contribute less than $20.