Customer Programs & Rights

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Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty paying your utility bill, you may qualify for a payment arrangement that allows you to extend the due date of your current bill. Contact us at or call 972-205-2671.

Customer Assistance Programs

There is help available through the City of Garland Customer Assistance Program. This program is a partnership between the City and local service agencies. The funds are administered and distributed to qualified customers by these agencies to those experiencing severe temporary financial hardships.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Subject to state law, you may request that all personal information and data on your account be kept confidential. More information

Dispute Resolution

Utility customers have the right to dispute any action, policy, decision or invoice related to utility services. Please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department to obtain a brief summary of these rights. They are fully outlined in the General Utility Provisions (Chapter 51) of the Garland Code of Ordinances.


The City of Garland Utility Department does not discriminate against any person. Service will not be denied or altered based on race, color, sex, nationality, religion or marital status.