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Environmental Waste Services

Recycling not serviced on Wednesday, Dec. 12 will be collected on Thursday, Dec. 13. Please contact Garland Environmental Waste Services: 972-205-3500, EWS@GarlandTX.gov, for more information.  


Holiday Closures and Collection Schedule Changes

The Recycling Center, Transfer Station, and EWS Administration Offices will be closed Monday, Dec. 24, Tuesday, Dec. 25, and Tuesday, Jan. 1. The Hinton Landfill will be open on Monday, Dec. 24 and closed on Tuesday, Dec. 25 and Tuesday, Jan. 1.

Garbage, recycling, and brush and bulky collection the week of Christmas will move forward one day. Collection for Tuesday, Dec. 25 will move to Wednesday, Dec. 26. Collection for Wednesday, Dec. 26 will move to Thursday, Dec. 27. Collection for Thursday, Dec. 27 will move to Friday, Dec. 28. Collection for Friday, Dec. 28 will move to Saturday, Dec. 28.

Garbage, recycling, and brush and bulky collection the week of New Year’s Day will move forward one day. Collection for Tuesday, Jan. 1 will move to Wednesday, Jan. 2. Collection for Wednesday, Jan. 2 will move to Thursday, Jan. 3. Collection for Thursday, Jan. 3 will move to Friday, Jan. 4. Collection for Friday, Jan. 4 will move to Saturday, Jan. 5.

Garland's Transfer Station Closed for Repairs

As of Nov. 5, Garland's Transfer Station located at 1434 Commerce St., Garland, TX 75040 is closed for repairs. Garland residents may transport waste to the Hinton Landfill at 3175 Elm Grove Rd., Rowlett, TX 75098 and offload waste generated in their homes free of charge.

Garland's Recycling Center located at 1426 Commerce St., Garland, TX 75040 will remain open during the transfer station repairs. Please take advantage of this drop-off site this holiday season for the recycling of cooking grease, clothing, and other accepted items.

Customers may experience a delay in trash and recycling collection service due to weather and the temporary closure of the transfer station. The Transfer Station repairs are expected to take at least six weeks.

Important Notice

Due to increased operating costs it has become necessary to adjust landfill disposal fees at the C.M. Hinton, Jr.

Regional Landfill and the City of Garland Transfer Station.


Effective October 1, 2018 our new disposal fees are:


    $40 per ton for automatic dump vehicles and trailers

    $55 per ton for non-automatic vehicles


We greatly value and appreciate your business. Thank you!

Don't Go Tarpless!

The operator of any vehicle arriving at the Hinton Landfill, wood recycling center, or Garland's transfer
station which does not have a suitable cover placed over the vehicle's load, shall pay a surcharge of
$20 per City of Garland Code of Ordinances, Chapter 52, Article II, Sec. 52.47(F). The transfer station
and landfill sell tarps for $10 each, but covering and securing your load from the beginning of your trip
will be more effective at preventing litter.