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Environmental Waste Services

Phase 6 Cart Delivery Schedule

Yellow Week: Jan. 23 – 26

Blue Week: Jan. 30 – Feb. 2


Once your blue cart is delivered you may keep your red bin. If you would like to recycle your red bin place 

it in the blue container or drop it off at Garland’s Recycling Center, located at 1426 Commerce St.

Please call 972-205-3500 or email EWS@GarlandTX.gov if you have any questions. Continue to check

for updates on our website, GarlandEnvironmentalWaste.com. 


Don't Go Tarpless!

The operator of any vehicle arriving at the Hinton Landfill, wood recycling center, or Garland's transfer
station which does not have a suitable cover placed over the vehicle's load, shall pay a surcharge of
$20 per City of Garland Code of Ordinances, Chapter 52, Article II, Sec. 52.47(F). The transfer station
and landfill sell tarps for $10 each, but covering and securing your load from the beginning of your trip
will be more effective at preventing litter.